Windows 2019 Hardening: Ensuring CIS Compliance While Avoiding Production Outages.


We are happy to announce our collaboration with TopQore- Windows 2019 Webinar.


When?  14 May 2020 at 4PM CET. (Amsterdam time zone)


Description: Server hardening is often a demand presented by security teams and regulators. Implementing a secure baseline, that often needs to align with best practices such as CIS Benchmarks, is hard and labor demanding. One of the biggest challenges in this process is to ensure that your hardening actions won't damage the organization's production. If that wasn't hard enough, it needs to be done in an ever-changing dynamic production environment, where new threats constantly emerge and new hardening recommendations continue to be published.

In this webinar, we'll present the main reasons, meanings, and challenges you'll be facing while during a server hardening project. We'll present examples of scenarios you'll face during the process and what solution we found for the challenges that make a hardening project almost endless and impossible.

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