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Staying Ahead in a Dynamic Tech Landscape

Configuring IT systems plays a crucial role for any company, particularly in light of the strict demands imposed by regulatory standards, making it a pivotal element for IT professionals and System Administrators

Safely and Effectively Securing IT Infrastructures

In today's complex business landscape, maintaining compliance with industry regulations is paramount. CalCom understands the challenges organizations face in aligning their IT infrastructure with stringent regulatory requirements.
The Power of CHS
CalCom Hardening Automation Suite (CHS) is designed to streamline and simplify compliance management. With its advanced features and automation capabilities, CHS empowers your SecOps and IT teams to implement and manage robust infrastructure hardening projects effortlessly.
Unmatched Benefits
By utilizing CHS, organizations experience a multitude of advantages. From the unique 'Learning' mode, simplifying system-hardening processes, to the automation of over 400 configuration settings. CHS saves valuable time and resources.
Seamless Integration
Implementing CHS across your entire IT landscape is seamless. Our solution ensures perpetual readiness for regulatory audits, offering peace of mind in the face of evolving compliance requirements.

CalCom’s Essential Contribution
Server Hardening

Achieve Compliance, Meet Security Standards, and Minimize Cyber Risks

CalCom automates security benchmarks, supporting multiple compliance requirements and standards on a single platform.

Align with CIS Benchmarks
Comply with NIST Compliance
Maintain PCI DSS Requirements
Align with CMMC Standards

Do More with Less: Achieve Effortless Compliance with Automation

CalCom’s Hardening Suite (CHS) cuts operational costs and prevents service downtime by showing the impact of security baseline changes directly on production environments. This automated process simulates changes, eliminating the need for lab testing.


  • Deploy the required security baseline without affecting the production services
  • Reduce the costs and resources required for implementing and achieving compliance
  • Manage the hardening baseline for the entire infrastructure from a single point
  • Avoid configuration drifts and repeated hardening processes

CalCom closes your cyber exposure gaps, making compliance straightforward and efficient

White paper

Learn how to maintain your organization’s compliance posture with our recent server hardening white paper
“How to Plan and Manage Your Hardening Project”

CalCom’s Commitment

With CalCom, you gain a trusted partner focused on protecting your critical assets and maintaining robust security standards. Our commitment extends to continuous support and innovation, helping clients effectively navigate regulatory landscapes and minimize cyber risks
By effectively managing IT systems with compliance in mind, businesses can establish robust security measures, protect sensitive data, and maintain trust with customers and stakeholders.
Strengthen Your Security Posture
Achieve High Compliance Audit Scores
Identify and Log Exceptions
Rollback Mechanisms

The Integral Role of CalCom's Platform Technology

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