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CalCom’s Policy Analysis Center (PAC) presents the servers’ compliance and risk posture
A dynamic dashboard provides analysis of the IT and business risk scores, which helps IT management prioritize baseline hardening tasks. The Policy Analysis Center supports management of unhardened objects that are marked as exceptions, in order to fulfill auditors requirements.



Dynamic Dashboard

Provides analysis of IT and business risk scores
Helps IT management prioritize baseline hardening tasks

Management of Unhardened Objects

Supports the management of objects marked as exceptions
Fulfills auditors' requirements

Server-Specific Analysis

Provides drill-down to specific server compliance and risk analysis
Presents policy exceptions and reasons for non-hardening

Visualization of Compliance Scores

Displays the organization’s overall compliance score
Identifies top compliant and non-compliant servers

Policy Drill-Down Analysis

Compliance view from an IT perspective
Compliance score of a specific domain
Server’s risk scores

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