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Securing Server Infrastructures

Building Trust and Ensuring Compliance Through Hardening Automation

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Redefining Security Standards


CalCom flagship solution, the CalCom Hardening Automation Suite (CHS), revolutionizes the approach to security. By streamlining and automating infrastructure hardening processes, CHS enables organizations to fortify their systems without compromising operational efficiency.
Strengthening the security of a server’s basic setup is crucial for a company’s safety measures. Server baseline hardening is a fundamental step in an enterprise's security assessment However, implementing these measures can be expensive, repetitive, and tough to handle, mainly for two reasons:
Downtime and Testing Requirements
While using manual hardening methods or familiar hardening tools, the hardening process may affect the OS or an application's functionality and cause server downtime. In order to prevent downtime, IT teams spend long hours testing policies in lab environments before deploying them on servers in production environments.
Configuration Drift
The authorization of multiple privileged users in an enterprise environment makes it difficult to ensure that servers remain hardened, thus, requiring IT teams to repeat the hardening process on a regular basis.

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