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Securing Your Digital Frontier

CalCom helps you meet regulatory requirements & secure public data

No matter your industry, CalCom's hardening platform strengthens your security

We support organizations of all sizes across various sectors like financial services, insurance, manufacturing and technology. Our platform addresses compliance requirements in healthcare, government regulations, PCI-DSS compliance and data privacy. CalCom safeguards your entire enterprise, including information technology systems and overall data security.


CalCom Hardening Suite (CHS) significantly reduces operational costs and eliminates service downtime by indicating the impact of a security baseline change directly on the production environments. An automated process simulates the impact of a change on a production environment, thus, saving the need of testing changes in a lab environment.
Enhance Your Security Infrastructure
Strengthen your server defenses with CalCom's proven hardening solutions. Build an unbreachable foundation for your digital assets.
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Solutions for Insurance
Our server hardening solution helps insurance companies comply with regulatory requirements, reduce the risk of data breaches, and maintain the trust of their customers. Through our advanced security measures, we empower insurance providers to focus on their core business operations while confidently managing their cyber risk
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Solutions for Healthcare
By collaborating with healthcare organizations, we strengthen their cybersecurity frameworks, enhancing the security of sensitive patient data and critical systems. Our solution minimizes the risk of data being compromised, protecting patient confidentiality and maintaining the integrity of medical records. We empower healthcare providers to focus on delivering quality care while effectively managing their security environment.
Safeguard Patient Data
Solutions for Financial Services
By working with financial institutions, we bolster their cybersecurity defences, safeguarding their critical data and systems from cyber threats. Our solution aids financial organizations in meeting stringent regulatory requirements, reducing the attack surface, and protecting their clients' assets. Through our advanced security platform, we enable financial institutions to concentrate on their primary operations while effectively managing their cyber risk landscape.
Secure Your Financial Environment

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