Organizations have a set of configuration standards and industry best practices to harden their digital configurations. These benchmarks, such as the Windows Server Benchmark, are set by the Center for Internet Security (CIS) and can be used to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of cybersecurity best practices. By adhering to these benchmarks, organizations can enhance the security posture of their Windows Server environments, ensuring that they meet rigorous security standards and reduce the risk of potential cyber threats. Regularly benchmarking against these guidelines allows IT teams to identify vulnerabilities, implement necessary security measures, and maintain a robust defense against evolving cyber threats.


We recently published a joint article with Center for Internet Security (CIS) titled ‘Unlocking the Windows Server Benchmark Puzzle,’  on page 12 of their fall Quarterly Magazine that provides expert tips and recommendations for the necessary work of baseline hardening using Windows Server Benchmark implementation. Found HERE:


CIS article

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