The widespread popularity of the containerized infrastructure backed by the advancement in technology, has made Linux the top priority as a host of the enterprise production environment. Red Hat Enterprise Linux default configuration settings which are more functionality-focused than being security-oriented, are often faced with the risk of infrastructure breaches. The bad news is that changing the configurations for ensuring regulatory compliance or achieving a safer baseline, usually results in considerable production damages.


The good news is that CHS by CalCom is Red Hat certified, which is great especially for the Red Hat users tackling this challenge. CHS ensures setting the policies as per industry best practices, including CIS benchmarks, which are configured automatically on production without leading to any damage or vulnerability.


The benefits of Red Hat certification

June 2022 our clients will benefit from us being Red Hat certified as we will be supporting Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (RHEL 8) the most developer friendly Linux ever.

CalCom can secure RHEL 8 software for organizations across all environments with a reference to specific rules in the CIS Benchmarks while mitigating all vulnerabilities on production without causing any damage.


Achieving a safer baseline

Hardening RHEL hosts manually is time consuming and costly. This is attributed to the more complex nature of the network and audit requirements.


CHS significantly reduces operational costs and eliminates service's downtime by indicating  the impact of a security baseline change directly on the production environments. CalCom offers a solution perfectly suited to organizations that can't perform hardening manually. CalCom Hardening Automation Suite provides solutions to multiple system components and automates the entire hardening process. Using automation in hardening eliminates the need to generate an impact analysis of your policy, your policies will be automatically enforced on your production and your compliance posture will be maintained.

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