With technology heading towards containerized infrastructure, Linux as a host is becoming more and more prevalent in the enterprise production environment. With that being said, Linux OS default configurations settings are set for functionality rather than security, often expose the infrastructure to breaches. But changing configurations to achieve regulatory compliance or a more secure baseline, almost always leads to production damages.


CHS by CalCom became a Red Hat certified especially to help Red Hat users solve this problem. CHS will ensure that policies based on best practices, such as CIS benchmarks and DISA STIG, will automatically get implemented on production without causing any damage.


CHS is essential both for DevSecOps and DevOps in every organization. Trying to harden Linux hosts with a manual approach is almost impossible. IT network is becoming more efficient, but also much more complex. Therefore, assuring that that host remains hardened and production remains functioning is a tremendous burden. CHS for DevOps and DevSecOps is the sole solution for Linux host hardening.



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