Everything around information security is becoming automated nowadays, but not all automations are born equal. For some processes, automation can be beneficial. But for others, it can be an empty buzz word, or can even damage your network.


We conducted a live panel, in collaboration with ITSec Asia, where we brought two experts in the server hardening field to discuss automation in server hardening.


DR Varin Khera – Chief Strategy Officer of ITSec Group and Mr. Roy Ludmir – Biz Dev at CalCom,  shared real-life examples to where automation can have a good impact on your hardening project, and what should you take into consideration when thinking about implementing automated tools.


In this panel we’ve discussed:

  1. The challenges in server hardening.
  2. The meaning of automation in server hardening.
  3. Where and when automation can be useful in a hardening project.
  4. When automation is essential, and when it is just a buzz word.
  5. Which organizations should consider implementing automated tools in their hardening process.


If you would like to view the recording, you can go to our Resource Library to download: HERE


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