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Achieve Permanent Server

Hardening Automation

Harden complex infrastructures using an automated hardening platform
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Simplify Server Hardening, Amplify Security

CalCom Hardening Suite (CHS) automates server hardening without breaking server applications or operations. Our proprietary ‘Learning’ mode simplifies system hardening by identifying and logging exceptions, easily applying policies to server groups, and resolving conflicts on the production environment. This makes server management smoother and more efficient.
Maintain a Hardened and Secure Infrastructure
Always audit ready for PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST, ISO 27001, FFIEC
400+ Robust Configuration Settings Automated
Remediate Your Entire IT Architecture
Save Time and Money by Eliminating Lab Testing
Free up valuable time and resources for other critical tasks

Center for Internet Security (CIS) Partner

Center for Internet Security (CIS) Partner

Partnering with CIS Security signifies a commitment to following industry-leading security protocols and strategies to protect digital assets and sensitive information

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Suite of Products

CalCom Hardening Suite (CHS)
CalCom Hardening Suite (CHS) is a server hardening automation solution that enhances security, reduces operational costs, and ensures a constantly monitored, resilient server environment with minimal hardening impact on production services.
Policy Analysis Center (PAC)
CalCom's Policy Analysis Center (PAC) offers a dynamic dashboard for analyzing compliance and risk posture, aiding IT management in prioritizing server hardening tasks and managing unhardened objects marked as exceptions to meet auditor requirements.
Modules offered within the server hardening suite to enhance security measures.

White paper

Learn how to maintain your organization’s compliance posture with our recent server hardening white paper
“How to Plan and Manage Your Hardening Project”

Security Insights

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