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Windows 10 Hardening


Protecting endpoints is a fundamental task in securing your organization from cyber-attacks. Endpoints are a popular attack vector used by malicious actors. Estimates suggest that 70% of all breaches originate in endpoints. With today’s advanced attack mechanisms, trusting only firewalls and antivirus software for security won’t cut it anymore. Endpoint hardening is a must for achieving full cybersecurity protection.

Endpoint hardening refers to control over configuration changes in the endpoint’s operating system, with the intention of minimizing the attack surface. The configuration changes are usually made on unsecure and unnecessary protocols and services that are enabled by default in the operating system. These protocols and services are usually enabled to provide the endpoint with maximal functionality. Unfortunately, they often expose the network to vulnerabilities.

Changing the default configuration of the endpoint in accordance with best-practice recommendations may sound simple, but it poses great risks to your endpoint’s functionality. Each change requires a long and complex process of testing before implementation – to make sure nothing will break as a result of the change. This labor and time-consuming process often leads organizations to neglect this task, increasing endpoint vulnerability. Furthermore, since vulnerabilities are constantly discovered and endpoint requirements are constantly changing, the hardening process is not a one-time operation – it requires protocols for routine, periodic maintenance.

THE solutions

CalCom offers different levels of hardening solutions for Windows 10 that reduce operational costs and improve endpoint security and compliance posture. CalCom Windows 10 Hardening Solution learns your endpoints, and predicts the impact of every configuration change on endpoint functionality, indicating the possibility of outages when implementing your desired image. CalCom Windows 10 Hardening Solution ensures that the organization’s endpoints will be resilient, constantly hardened, and monitored.

Business impact:

1. Significantly shortens the time spent on hardening.
2. Saves money and effort spent on lab testing.
3. Minimizes the risk of human errors that may expose the business to security risks.
4. Technical support provided by top-level hardening professionals.