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Established in 2001, CalCom has today positioned itself as the leading provider of unique security management tools that addresses both the needs of IT and security teams. We recognize that today organizations are constantly dealing with the changes in the security landscape. Threats and regulations are changing on a daily basis. Our products and services are designed to help companies easily deal with this rapidly changing landscape.   CalCom Hardening Suite (CHS) is a security baseline-hardening solution designed to address the needs of IT operations and security teams. CHS eliminates outages and reduces operational costs by indicating  the impact of a security baseline change on the production services. CHS ensures a resilient, constantly hardened and monitored server environment.


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Key Challenges Solved

Server baseline hardening is a fundamental step in an enterprise’s security assessment, but deploying the same can prove to be costly, repetitive, and complicated to manage – mainly for two reasons:


Downtime and Testing Requirements While using manual hardening methods or familiar hardening tools, the hardening process may affect the OS or an application’s functionality and cause server downtime. In order to prevent downtime, IT teams spend long hours testing policies in lab environments before deploying them on servers in production environments.


Configuration Drift – The authorization of multiple privileged users in an enterprise environment makes it difficult to ensure that servers remain hardened, thus, requiring IT teams to repeat the hardening process on a regular basis.

CalCom is a privately held business enterprise with its headquarters in Israel. We work with major financial institutions, global corporations and organizations for whom security is a major concern.

Management team

Jerry Ludmir | CEO | Owner

Jerry is a Seasoned founder and entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the IT business. Bringing to the table vast experience in starting up companies in the IT sphere, Jerry formerly served as VP and co-owner of Calanit , owner of Infomed Media, and marketing manager at Micro-Daf. Jerry has been the owner and leader of CalCom for the past 15 years.

Dvir Goren | CTO

Dvir is a veteran of the IT industry with over 25 years of experience in system, security and Microsoft infrastructures. He previously lead large scale windows implementation at Microsoft Israel and Calanit. Dvir is a thought leader in the field of server hardening with more than 13 years of managing complex  hardening projects. In his spare time he consults national security organizations in the subject of server hardening.  Dvir leads CalCom's product team for the last 15 years, developing the product strategy and road map. He holds a B.Sc and a M.Sc in industrial engineering from Bar Ilan university.

Orit Turetsky | product manager

Orit is a veteran of the Israeli military computer unit- MAMRAM, she has vast experience in managing large and complex Windows implementations. Orit is passionate about  solving complicated problems, she brings this skill into the developments of the CHS platform.

Roy Ludmir | Business Dev

Roy leads CalCom's strategy and execution for penetrating new markets and industries. Combining sales, marketing and channel management expertise Roy enables CalCom to form partnerships and collaborations with alliance and channel partners