Webinar: Hardening Windows servers without affecting production services

By Roy, on May 4th, 2016

Hardening servers is a basic step in a layered data center security approach. Being a fundamental procedure it is one of the most important security tasks an IT organization should manage as stated on the first page of the US DOD Cybersecurity FY 2015 report;


“Identified Cyber Vulnerabilities As in previous years, assessment teams consistently found four categories of vulnerabilities in both system tests and exercise assessments:

  • Exposed or poorly managed credentials
  • Systems not configured to identified standards”


Hardening servers to comply with benchmarks is a challenging task IT teams are facing. Achieving a good compliance posture requires a collaboration between Ops. and security teams. The tradeoff between server and production uptime to compliant servers is a challenging one to manage.


Sign up and learn about the challenges of hardening Windows systems and how to overcome them in the next Redmond Magazine webcast lead by Microsoft MVP Adam Bertram.


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CHS for Microsoft System Center addresses the needs of IT operations and security teams for server hardening tasks. It eases the hardening procedures and improves the infrastructure compliance posture. The CHS three step workflow overcomes the biggest challenge operations teams’ face when hardening servers- what will be the impact of hardening on server uptime