Learning Mode- prevent downtime, reduce costs

The CHS learning mode capability:

  • Indicates the reason why an object can’t be hardened, marks the object, and saves it as an exception.
  • Compares different policies for a single server, thus, allowing you to choose the strictest possible hardening policy that won’t affect operations at all.
  • Enables a Sys Admin to learn one server and apply the policy to a group of identical servers.
  • Aids in the management of conflicts with Group Policy Objects (GPO).

CHS performs an automated impact analysis on actual production systems. This essentially means zero server outage and zero investment of your engineer’s time in testing.


learning mode2


  1. Discovers the object’s current status – shows its “actual values”.
  2. Displays the desired policy value.

Further, it indicates the impact of hardening as the following:

  • True: The expected values and actual values are identical.
  • False (red): The object is used by the production system and the actual value is valid – therefore, hardening the desired value will cause damage to servers in production.
  • False (yellow): The value will be changed while enforcing the policy – with no impact on the server’s operation.
  • Creates a “ready-to-go” policy in accordance with the gap analysis report.