CalCom Hardening Solution 2021 innovative capabilities

By Keren Pollack, on January 3rd, 2021


CalCom is launching an updated CHS policy center console. The new, web-based UI was designed from scratch to meet enterprise server hardening challenges in a user friendly and intuitive way. We are bringing you the new policy center with the belief that it will enhance our automation capabilities. The new CHS system will help infrastructure teams easily take control over the hardening tasks in the enterprise.
In the following blog post, you can see the find a description of the main capabilities of the new release.


New navigation capabilities:

The new release feature advanced navigation capabilities so that the user will perform the required hardening task on the desired server in the simplest way possible. the new navigation panel ensures that the user always has a clear view of the asset lists and policies managed enforcing the enterprise’s servers.




A holistic view of assets and policies:

you can have easy access to a view of your assets and policies lists. In addition, you can view all your duplicate policies in a separate list. Here’s a sample of the assets list:




A holistic view of the reports available:

You can view your reports listed by computers or by policies.  For example,  the ‘Reports by Computer’ page is showcasing all the servers or policies in the system and enables you to view the policies attached to these servers.



A new and improved comparison report:

The comparison report is the core of the system. Its main goal is to analyze the potential impact of configuration changes on the production environment.



This report is based on the comparison report from the previous CHS system, but in a new design and with new capabilities we’ve added. For example:

  1.  You can see whether this is an active or non-active report, which means that this is the report of the policy that is currently implemented on this machine.
  2.  Health indication- health condition indicates the health of the CHS procedures, the agent’s health, and that the report presented is correct and reliable. When the report is stated as non-healthy, administrators can access a view that will indicate what’s broken in the process. Also, by hovering above the icon, you’ll get a short description of the problem.
  3. Automated exception management- the object activity data will automatically be logged for audit purposes, instead of manually updating the information of each exception.
  4. Notes option- you can also add a note to the exceptions without effecting the compliance and impact them.



These are only a few examples of the new features in the advanced CHS system. We’ve also improved some of the administrative features such as the authentication method that allows easy access to the system remotely through simple browsing.


The new CHS features transform the hardening task to be even more automated and effortless than ever before.