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Guide to Windows Server Hardening 

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In this eBook Guide you will learn

Security Frameworks: Blueprints for Secure Configurations, Access Control, Incident Response

Windows Cyber Hygiene: Essential Guidelines for Security and Protection

Windows Hardening Checklist: Essential Steps for Enhanced System Security  

Why CIS Benchmark Compliance Matters

Center for Internet Security (CIS) is freely accessible, establishing CIS compliance as a widely embraced security framework across industries. A dedicated CIS Benchmark tool transforms recommendations into practical configurations for enhanced system security. CalCom and CIS have partnered to seamlessly integrate CIS Benchmark Compliance into our automation and configuration management platform.

Harden your security and conquer CIS compliance with CalCom's Hardening Suite

Stay compliant with policy and regulatory requirements

Stay steps ahead by aligning your assets with industry benchmarks, avoiding any missteps in policy or regulatory adherence

Harness the knowledge of experts

Leverage the intelligence provided by CalCom Hardening Suite to  enhance cyber hygiene and prioritization of vulnerabilities

Gain visibility into your IT assets

Detect Unauthorized Changes in seconds and roll back without affecting your operations


Always be Audit Ready

Harden Systems using security frameworks and gather evidence for compliance and regulatory requirements