Automate Server Hardening: Your One-Click to Compliance

  • Regularly and automatically scan for Security Benchmark compliance
  • Configuration management platform to maintain a desired state
  • Fill out the form to see for yourself

See for Yourself

Be Audit-Ready with Automated Server Hardening

Scale automation seamlessly without conflicts, allowing your organization to implement and manage server hardening practices efficiently across diverse and complex IT infrastructures.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your compliance status with our tool's robust reporting capabilities, providing clear visibility into adherence to security standards and regulations.

Experience the power of automated server hardening at scale with our solution, empowering your organization to maintain a secure, compliant, and efficiently managed IT environment.

Why Server Hardening Matters

  • Breaches are real and costly
  • Compliance demands it 
  • Avoid configuration drifts
  • Peace of mind is priceless

Every day, businesses face crippling cyberattacks, losing millions, damaging reputations, and eroding trust. Hardening streamlines processes, eliminates unnecessary services, and optimizes performance, making your systems impenetrable from cyber attacks.


Effortlessly Elevate Security: Achieve Server Compliance with CalCom's Hardening Suite (CHS)

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With CalCom's two decades of unwavering commitment to cybersecurity excellence, our team proudly boasts 20 years of invaluable experience in the intricate realm of server hardening.

Over this time we have successfully secured server infrastructures, ranging from small businesses to large enterprises. This extensive experience equips us with a profound understanding of the nuanced challenges in server security, allowing us to provide comprehensive and effective hardening solutions that stand the test of time

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