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CalCom provides a hardening automation tool that helps you achieve and maintain compliance. CalCom’s hardening automation solutions will:


– Indicate which configuration change will cause production outages.


– Implement your desired policy on your entire infrastructure. 


– Maintain your dynamic infrastructure hardened at any given time, controlling everything from a   single point of control.


– Monitor your network hardening state, eliminating the need for scanning tools. 


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Reduce hardening costs

CHS eliminates the cost of creating lab environments for simulating the impact of security policies on servers. With CHS, the impact is analyzed directly on the production environments.

Avoid downtime and outages

CHS predicts the impact of a policy on production servers. By visualizing the impact, CHS’s smart risk management determines the values that will/will not result in server outage when hardened.

Ensure cyber resilience

CHS enforces server security policies in real time, thus, ensuring that the servers are proactively protected.

Enable Ops. teams enforce extensive security policies

The CHS “policy checker” gives confidence to the IT teams to enforce extensive security policies that eliminate more vulnerabilities and reduce exposures to attacks.

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