CHS hardening capabilities

CHS automates Hardening of windows server baseline policies for the OS and the application layers. All the policies are created according to the known standards and/or the best custom made Organizational Hardening practices. The CHS hardening management platform enables a drill down to a single server so that a dedicated policy can easily be created for different servers, based on the role and applications installed.

Server Roles Hardening:

Domain Controller, Hyper-V, Member server, Print server, File server, Application server, Web Server, Mail server, Database server, Terminal server, DNS/DHCP/Wins server, Remote access/VPN server.

Internal Applications Hardening:

Due to the advanced cyber threats  faced by the enterprises these days, special attention is given to the security controls of critical applications.  CHS also provides dedicated rules and policies for hardening management of internal applications, such as:

Active directory, SQL, IIS, Sharepoint

Windows Operating System Hardening:

Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Datacenter, Windows server 2003 (32/64 bit), Windows server 2008 (32/64 bit), Windows server 2008 R2(64bit), Windows server 2012(64bit), Windows server 2012 R2(64bit), Windows server 2016, Nano server.