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Security Baseline Hardening Made Simple

Harden your production servers 3X faster

Cost effective hardening process

Save time and resources required for testing security policies in lab environments

Zero Server Outages

Ensure that production services are not harmed during server hardening

Prevent & monitor unauthorized policy changes

Stop security breaches and operational mistakes before they happen

Server configuration hardening is critical for achieving a cyber resilient and compliant infrastructure. Deployment of a broad server hardening baseline requires combined efforts from both IT operations team and the security team. CHS is the sole solution that addresses the needs of both the teams. Achieve server hardening and compliance goals without causing any damage to the production services and reduce administrative costs significantly.

How it Works


SImulates the policy impact on production



Custom server hardening mode



Real time access control protection



LDAP in the context of Active Directory

Lightweight Directory Access Process (LDAP) is a user authentication process developed for directory services. This protocol is usually used by applications for searching resource information such as users and different system

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CalCom launches new CHS console for 2021

  CalCom is launching an updated CHS policy center console. The new, web-based UI was designed from scratch to meet enterprise server hardening challenges in a user friendly and intuitive way.

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Automation in Server Hardening- Essential or a Buzz Word (Live Panel!)

Everything around information security is becoming automated nowadays, but not all automations are born equal. For some processes, automation can be beneficial. But for others, it can be an empty buzz

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