CalCom launches new CHS console for 2021

By Keren Pollack, on January 3rd, 2021


CalCom is launching an updated CHS policy center console. The new, web-based UI was designed from scratch to meet enterprise server hardening challenges in a user friendly and intuitive way. CalCom is bringing you the new policy center with the belief that it will enhance our automation capabilities. The new CHS system will help infrastructure teams easily take control over the hardening tasks in the enterprise.


The new console will enhance automation in the hardening process, making it effortless than ever before. The new release is advanced in all aspects, from the design to core features that will be useful in every use of the system. The known comparison report is, even more, user-friendly than before, and allows advanced actions that will ease the task of managing the hardening project.


In addition to that, CalCom has launched two new sub-products at the end of 2020:


CSS for IIS:

CalCom’s Security Solution for IIS provides an answer for IIS middleware hardening. CSS for IIS contains three main features:

learning mode- to help reduce operational costs and prevent downtimes.

Centralized enforcement- to ease the change management procedure.

Applied change control- that will ensure a continuously hardened environment.


Windows 10 Hardening Solution:

This solution can come in two variations: the first treat your endpoints as servers- learns your endpoints and predicts the impact of every configuration change on endpoint functionality. This way it can indicate the possibility of outages when implementing your desired image. The second variation simply improves and hardens your Windows 10 images to achieve better security posture in your endpoints. CalCom Windows 10 Hardening Solution ensures that the organization’s endpoints will be resilient and constantly hardened.


According to CalCom’s release road map for 2021, we should expect a structural change in the File server File Sender mechanism in the first quarter of the year. CalCom has changed the information transportation method for enhanced security and encryption.


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